Brina has worked with my mini dachshund puppy off and on since he was about 10 weeks old. She has helped us with basics such as socialization, leash walking and commands like sit, down, look, stay, place, etc as we prepare for the Canine Good Citizen test. She adapted her training techniques for a dog his breed and size and really focused on training areas that will help us to keep him safe and healthy (protecting his back). The change in him after working with her is so impressive! He really is a good citizen! 


We're first-time dog owners and had already started training our Chihuahua puppy, Coco, our own—and Brina introduced some elements that made a big difference. For example, Coco learned the "Zen Puppy" training technique that Brina sent home with us in just 10 minutes, and he's become much calmer as a result—he knows he only gets something he wants when he doesn't bug us for it. When I'm cooking or getting out his treats, he sits quietly and waits instead of bouncing off my ankles. People who visit are always surprised to learn Coco is a Chihuahua, because they expect that breed to be scared, aggressive, and loud. Thank you, Brina!


Brina did a great job training our puppy while we were on vacation.

After working with Brina for a week he was much better at all of the basic commands and was even doing really well with polite greetings and walking on a loose leash. We felt like Brina did a great job in 5 days with a 4 month old puppy. 


Earlier this year I adopted a puppy! Together we worked on his basic commands and now he stays in a “heel” like a champ! She really has a compassionate for every dog and really works with the owner/s to make a plan and schedule to be put into place! Within the first sessions I saw major improvement! We then worked on our other dog and he is much more attentive to us and is getting so much better at not pulling on the leash! It goes to show that as long as you follow what she says the outcome will be phenomenal!


Saw a difference in my lab in the first 45 minutes she was here.  You can tell she's a natural with animals and really cares.


Email: info@seerdogtraining.com

P#: (502) 509-5359