What does "Seer" mean?


: one that sees

: one that predicts events or developments

S- Safe

E- Efficient

E- Effective


Veteran Owned and Operated!

Empowering Dogs, Empowering Owners: Succeeding Together

Founded on the belief that all dogs are capable of being good dogs, Seer Dog Training aims to help pet owners understand the dog they live with and guide them to their goals. We do this by empowering owners with the knowledge and "how-to" while teaching their dog new skills and behaviors to be their best possible self. We strive to balance needs and wants while improving the quality of life for both ends of the leash! Check out our Services and FAQ to learn more about what we offer!

Meet the Staff of Seer!

Brina Brooks, CCBC

Owner and Head Trainer

Oklahoma born and raised, Brina now resides in Southern Indiana where she spends her free time training her own dogs and traveling. As a US Army Veteran and military spouse, she is well versed in other cultures and ways of life thanks to her travels overseas and all over the United States.

Brina has been training dogs as a hobby since 2015 and professionally since 2017. She has spent these last few years focusing on behaviorally challenged dogs and developing new skills to further serve her clients. From simple over excitement and resource guarding all the way to heightened prey drive and human directed aggression, Brina has experienced quite a bit of dog behavior and is always looking for ways to better her approach. 

Her next big goal is to build a dock diving facility in Clarksville so that she and others can utilize it as a local practice dock for the sport of canine dock diving. 


Assistant, Dog Walker

Bio Coming Soon!

Our Training Methods

We employ a variety of methods, techniques, "tricks of the trade", whatever you want to call it. The end goal is a well behaved dog who wants to work and is happy to do so when given a command or cue. In dog training lingo, this is Balanced Dog Training. 

Balanced dog training is a comprehensive approach that combines both positive reinforcement and corrective techniques to achieve well-rounded and effective results in dog training. The core principle of balanced training is to use a combination of rewards for desired behaviors and mild corrections for undesired behaviors. Positive reinforcement involves praising, treats, or toys to reward a dog for exhibiting the desired behavior, encouraging them to repeat it. On the other hand, corrective techniques include leash corrections, e-collar stimulation, or verbal cues to discourage unwanted behaviors.

Good dog training emphasizes clear communication between the trainer and the dog, building trust and respect in the process. By maintaining a healthy balance of praising what we want to see and correcting poor decisions, the dog gains a deep understanding of acceptable conduct while preserving its spirit and enthusiasm. This approach is especially beneficial for dogs with complex behavioral problems, as it provides a structured and compassionate environment for them to learn and grow.

No two dogs are the same, and therefor no two dogs will have identical action plans. One dog may need more praise and food rewards to succeed while another may benefit from leash corrections followed by verbal praise. The beauty of balanced dog training is that it allows us to experiment with different reward/correction systems until we find something that works perfectly for each dog.

To determine if Seer is a good fit for you and your pup please do not hesitate to reach out! Our primary concern is serving pet owners to the best of our ability and sometimes that means we refer potential clients to other trainers or behavior consultants

If you are looking for a trainer or behavior consultant that only utilizes positive reinforcement, the IAABC has a great online tool for finding a professional near you. Check it out here: https: //iaabc.org/certs/members

Email: info@seerdogtraining.com

P#: (502) 509-5359